Chauffeur Screening Services is the source for transportation pre employment screeening. Driver DMV records, Social Search, Criminal Check and Sex Offender Searches are just some of our background check services.
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  Sexual Offender Search is owned and opperated by and was developed by a team of IT professionals that are involved within credit report checks, pre employment screening, and background check systems. We dedicated a division of pre-employment screening to providing travelers and corporate professionals the peace of mind that the company they select for transportation has taken the necessary steps to ensure that their employees are not criminals or sex offenders. We are constantly upgrading and improving our pre employment screening and background check products to meet the fast changing technological advances in our field to supply you with the most accurate and up to date reports and services available.

Our Chauffeur Employment Screening system offers a Web-based system that allows you to order, retrieve and print employment screening reports, DMV reports, Social Searches, Criminal Reports, Sex Offender searches and drug test results right from your own computer. It can't get any better than that.

Another development of with it's base market dedicated for Mortgage Credit Reporting and Transportation Service websites, was the perfect addition to its clients. We are looking to enhance our excellent reputation for quality, reliability, service and professionalism. We will continue these goals with all of our new divisions. Be a part of a successful company, be part of the team. Here are our affiliated members.

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Your customers are important to you and so are ours. Chauffeur Screening and Chauffeur Background checks are provided by and is powered by Certified Employment Scrteening, with over 20 Years of experience in providing accurate and professional residential mortgage credit reports to lenders nationwide as well as pre-employment screening and tenant screening checks.

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"I must thank you for the great service. I was able to get the right person for the job and I feel secure knowing he has a good record and the price for the reports is just right."

Michael Ross
AAA Town Car
Los Angeles Sedan Service

"Your system is great. I was able to seporate the good drivers from the bad and it was easy. Thanks for all your help"

All United Bus
Washington DC Charter Bus


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