Chauffeur Screening Services is the source for transportation pre employment screeening. Driver DMV records, Social Search, Criminal Check and Sex Offender Searches are just some of our background check services.
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Chauffeur Pre Employment Screening Services is the source for transportation industry pre employment screening. Instant online Driver DMV records, Social Search, Criminal Check and Sex Offender Searches are just some of our background check services.

Motor Vehicle Record Search

Chauffeur Screening Motor Vehicle Record Search obtains the current driving record report from your specified state's department of motor vehicles. With our instant connection to the departments of motor vehicles gives Chauffeur Screen the ability to have a fast turnaround time for our clients. All motor vehicle records obtained through the Chauffeur Screen system have a very easy to read format that interprets the various state codes and provides a report that is uniform across all states.   read more

Chauffeur Criminal Searches

A statewide repository search can be an effective means of gathering criminal information because it provides the benefit of searching all counties within a given state, compared to specific, intrastate county searches.   read more

Social Security Number Search

Determining that the Social Security Number provided by the driver is correct can help rule out false identity. Report may also help verify previous addresses, date of birth and information.   read more

Secured Reports

Take precautions. You can’t afford not to pre-screen your applicants! Pre-employment screening has been a necessary risk management tool for every public transportation company. The cost (both financial and organizational) to screen a chauffeur driver or employee is much less than the cost of dealing with a major future problem that can damage your business. Chauffeur Pre-Employment screening for all of your drivers can effectively reduce your company risk.

CHAUFFEUR EMPLOYMENT SCREENING (CES) is a Web-based system that allows you to order, retrieve and print employment screening reports and drug test results electronically right from your own computer. Quick and confidential results for better hiring decisions. CES is a tool to automate your operation with tracking and storing of report data, management reports, 24-hour instant report access, and more.

The power of technology at your fingertips...

  • One-Stop for all pre employment
  • Credit & Social Security Search
  • Track and store data
  • Management reports
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act documents
  • International Search Available
Chauffeur Pre Employment Screenings, driver Employment Screening, Employment Background Checks - Chauffeur Screen provides real time criminal background record checks for all types of chauffeur driver transportation employment screening services and requirements.

Credit History

Credit history is reviewed by obtaining a credit bureau report from a national credit bureau/repository. We have on-line access to Experian and TransUnion credit bureau systems. The bureaus are repositories of credit and debt information, as well as public records such as bankruptcy proceedings, collection accounts and civil litigation records.   read more

Sexual Offender Searches

Protect your transportation company reputation. Sexual Offender Searches are currently available in all 50 states. Individual State Sexual Offender searches provide information on sexual offenders who are required to register in the state in which they reside. Information returned from these inquires may include: name, aliases, dates of birth, residential addresses, employers, location of conviction, and specific sexual offenses.
  read more

Workers Compensation Checks

Reports typically contain date of vehicle incident(s), time lost, employer during time of accident, type of injury, and body part damage.   read more

You will be billed per transaction and there is no minimum order required. This is a very flexible service with 24-hour access. Order only what you need when you need it!

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